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They were released under investigation on Tuesday after being

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Fake Handbags The owner of purse replica handbags the clothes has not yet been Designer Replica Bags identified, but detectives have informed replica handbags china Miss wholesale replica designer handbags Pope’s family of the find, the force said.Detective Chief Inspector Neil Devoto, who is leading the investigation, said: ‘Following the discovery of these items of clothing, a full and thorough search will now take place in the field and surrounding area.’A major enquiry has been underway to trace the 19 year old since she went missing from the Swanage area of Dorset on the afternoon of 7 November.Forensic officers at work on a stretch of coastline near Swanage (PA Images)A police team searches a mill pond in Swanage (PA Images)Police have been carrying out forensic examinations of two properties in the Swanage area, as well as searches of land around the town.The force released two CCTV images of the teenager taken on the day of her disappearance inside St Fake Handbags Michael’s Garage in Swanage when she bought an ice cream.CCTV dated 7/11/2017 of Gaia Pope taken less than an hour before she disappeared (PA Images)Gaia was being driven between Langton Matravers and Swanage by a family member when they stopped off for fuel at around 2.55pm.The last confirmed sighting of Gaia was at an address in Manor Gardens on Morrison Road in Swanage at about 4pm.The black jacket Gaia was wearing in the CCTV images was recovered from an address in Manor Gardens.Forensic investigations are continuing at two properties in Manor Gardens, which are believed to be the homes of a 71 year old woman and a 19 year old man. Three vehicles have been seized.They were released under investigation on Tuesday after being arrested on suspicion of murder by police the previous day.She wrote on Facebook: ‘Backs of vans, in garages, somewhere she replica handbags online could be hidden, against her will. In a house. Fake Handbags

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