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The entire “vaporwave” genre

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buy canada goose jacket “We want to put out games for mobile” buy canada goose jacket doesn mean “we pivoting to mobile, PC is dead forever.” Like, Blizzard isn canada goose deals about to become a mobile games company and there absolutely nothing wrong with a multi million dollar company pumping out side projects. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Online Honestly I really would like to thank /r/Games and its denizens for this shitty debacle because it shown just how fucking dramatic and sheltered y can be. I fuckin logging off reddit. This is ridiculous. Canada Goose Online

canadian goose jacket I feel that they learned their lesson on the maps, though, because feedback was Canada Goose online overwhelmingly negative on the new 3 lane designs. I also think that TF1 Titan customization had too many variables which led to canadian goose jacket some really dumb designs. canadian goose jacket

Overall, if I could pick and choose I pick Titanfall 1 maps, Titanfall 2 movement (including stim/grapple and class abilities with maybe a few more balance passes) and Titanfall 2 weapons (but yeah, gimme SP as a regular weapon). As far as the Titans themselves I really need to be sure they dedicated to balance to go with 1 system, otherwise Canada Goose Outlet I go with 2 simplified class loadouts.

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Canada Goose online Never going to happen. Icefrog is a genius and has accomplished what the other mobas wish they could do. He has kept the game fresh and feeling like its moving forward rather than just feeling stagnant all the while keeping about 90% of the cast completely relevant. Canada Goose online

uk canada goose I mean just look at League or Hots. Hots is fun like once a week/month and then gets boring. League is hemorrhaging players (far as I know, could be wrong) because they completely rework loved champions into canada goose some other vision they have for it because they are unhappy for whatever reason. uk canada goose

cheap Canada Goose I dont know what curve youre talking about nor the losing a lot of players. Sure you can be unhappy with current dota, but as someone who has been playing Dota on and off since 2004, I think the canada goose coats on sale game is better than it was 2 years ago, and definitely 4 6 years ago. cheap Canada Goose

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canada goose uk shop Come on, you know why people are upset. It one Canada Goose Jackets thing to develop and release a mobile game that may or may not cater to the primary audience for a franchise, it another entirely to use it as the key announcement for the opening ceremony for your company convention when everyone there paid $200 for seats and the people online paid $40 to see it live. The fact that it followed a series of announcements that were also generally not well received is sort of the icing on the cake. canada goose uk shop

The game itself is not the key issue, it how and when and to whom they announced it. 1 point submitted 20 days ago

It worth noting the differences between FPS engines and MOBAs there. The “projectile” in MOBAs isn really there and it would be pretty awkward and difficult to do it that way.

canada goose black friday sale That said, if it provided a smaller armor boost to allies that you were covering with the Matrix that would both be more intuitive, more reliably useful and less swingy powerful all of which would make for better more consistent value. So make it a 25 or 35 armor to allies under the field for cheap Canada Goose example. Doesn prevent nearly as much damage, but is much more reliably useful. canada goose black friday sale

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Canada Goose sale This is definitely true. A non trivial amount of people from Rockstar who have reached out since this all came out were people like you describe. Workaholics who spent 80 hours a week happily because they wanted to RDR2 to be as good as it possibly could be. Those people are still being taken advantage of, effectively working 60 80 hour weeks for 40 hours of pay, but they doing it with pride. Some people mistake that as being okay, but it not okay regardless of how they feel about it. Canada Goose sale

The majority canada goose clearance sale of the buy canada goose jacket cheap people who canada goose store have weighed in, however, are not those types of people. I think at the end of the day, people just want to be treated fairly. If Rockstar wants to work them that long, there needs to be some form of compensation, simple as that.

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canada goose coats A somewhat common mentality around the internet (mostly from, I assume, people that have never actually worked. Or worse, people who assume working on “art” must necessarily include some form of PASSION so who cares about overworking) seems to be “but if people wanna work that long then just let to go way over canada goose outlet the top with a comparison, some children probably enjoyed working in factories if you asked. But labor laws aren built around what people enjoy. At the end of the day your health and the work environment of those around you that DO NOT want to work that long are both being affected, and you still canada goose coats probably being underpaid, which is why they let you work overtime without much complaint. canada goose coats

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Eh, yes really. The entire “vaporwave” genre, all these “outrun” music videos, the constant faux 80s retro pastiche bullshit. The whole point is that “playing up to nostalgia” is overplayed. Maybe people should try thinking of something new for a change instead of just incompetently co opting trends from previous decades. Yeah, lo Canada Goose sale fi has been an art style in literally every other medium. including video games, many, many times. it been absolutely done to death, and frankly it barely had any substance to begin with. Just cheap nostalgia.

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uk canada goose outlet Maybe people should try thinking of something new for a change instead of just incompetently co opting trends from previous decades. uk canada goose outlet

FWIW I don really have any memories from the era of VHS past watching some movies canada goose black friday sale on it when I was a very, very tiny lad and I still like the aesthetic so I don really think “playing up to nostalgia” is all there is to it. It just looks neat and there aren too many games doing it.

canada goose You don like it and that fine, but it hardly offensive. It be like me saying “Fantasy has been done to death, why can people think of anything new instead of co opting centuries old folk tales”. People like it specifically because of what you hate. canada goose

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I agree with almost everything you said. Ambience and environments are indeed amazing, easily the best I seen in a video game. The immersion aspect is incredible as well. At the risk of getting called out by Dunkey, you definitely feel like you a cowboy in that world. The attention to detail is absolutely insane.