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Investors continue to show their disdain for the sector

The market’s superficial understanding of the issue was reflected in the sector’s initial 10% drop on Thursday before recovering approximately half, and by Friday prices were barely changed from prior to the ruling. In any event, few contracts nowadays are negotiated in such a way that FERC’s ruling affects them, compared with older, legacy contracts. Figuring in owners’ taxes turns out to be another anachronistic feature of MLPs.Investors continue to show their disdain for the sector.

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iphone 8 case SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileMicrosoft’s Office software package is coming to the iPhone for the first time Friday, offering people the ability to read and edit their text documents flower phone cases, spreadsheets and slide presentations at the doctor’s office or at a soccer game.The company isn’t making an iPad version, though, nor is it offering the app on Android devices. Microsoft Corp. Is treading a fine line as it tries to make its $100 a year Office subscription more compelling, without removing an advantage that tablet computers running Microsoft’s Windows system now have the ability to run popular Office programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.Microsoft to open Windows stores in Best BuyOffice Mobile for iPhone is available free through Apple’s app store, but an Office 365 subscription is required to use it iphone 8 case.