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Canada Goose online AnalysisHUMINT collection remains a valuable and unique intelligence collection platform that can yield results on the specific political and military intentions of states and non state actors.[1] The Intelligence Community in the 21st Century study (1994) stated “HUMINT’s contribution is particularly strong” in respect to areas concerning “terrorism, narcotics, proliferation, and international economics” and concluded that “HUMINT is unsurpassed as a source of critical intelligence to the national policymaker.”[2] The canada goose outlet mall two most prominent intelligence failures experienced a gross lack of support for Human intelligence to canada goose outlet florida include human reporting, placement and covert actions. Intelligence community’s diminished capacity to penetrate Al Qaeda and provide an accurate intelligence picture to former President Bush. The diminished capacity was largely due to Congress and the intelligence leaders tightening the reigns on covert actions and the shift toward a more technological approach to intelligence collection. Canada Goose online

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